Have you lost your car keys? Or did you leave them in the car? Don’t panic! A car mechanic from Car locksmith Oxford will help you open your car 24/7. Thanks to our extensive network of technical specialists, we are available in all regions.

We offer services for various situations:

  • Your car keys were stolen.
  • You’ve lost your car key.
  • Your car keys are in the car and the door is stuck in the lock.
  • The car keys broke in the lock.
  • I lost my car key.

How do we work as a car mechanic?
Based on your explanation, we can indicate whether we will open the car or not. In most cases, we can help you. But there are machines that can only be opened with a key, although we have advanced «key sets».

We attach great importance to fast service. As a result, we work 24/7, and a technical specialist will always be available to you quickly. Thanks to our extensive network, we guarantee that someone will be ready for you within half an hour!

Opening a car without a key: tips and tricks for 100% success
Open the car without a key? This is sometimes necessary. For example, if you left the key in the car. The moment you lock the car with the key in it, you have a problem. Then it’s time for a better solution. That is, to hack the car without causing damage. You are not the only one who has been or will be in such a situation. It often happens that people have lost the key or it is in the car with the door locked. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to solve this problem. To help you on your way, we have listed practical tips and the best tips for 100% success.

1. Forgot the key in the car? Use a clothes hanger
A clothes hanger is an item that every home has. The Thieves Guild uses this to break into cars. You can follow this example to open your own car without a key. Shove the unfolded hanger between the front door window and make sure that the hanger goes behind the lock mechanism to lift the handle. This tip is suitable for manual locks of older types of cars. In a newer car, you have to put a hanger between the door. No hanger at hand? Then you can use the wiper, but only if the door is ajar.

2. Is the car locked with a key? Use a screwdriver
Another way to open the car without a key is to use a flat screwdriver. You place it in the protruding body of the lock diagonally under the lock. With a confident blow on the top of the screwdriver, you can open the lock. Solved the problem that the car is locked with a key in it. To avoid damage when opening the car, it is recommended to wrap the flat head of the screwdriver with a thin cloth.

3. Did you leave the key in the car? Use a shoelace
This is not the most ideal way to open a car without a key, but in the absence of other items, a shoelace offers a solution. You can also use a string. The idea is to make a sliding knot in the middle. Then the end should pass through the corner of the door. Then it is assumed that the cord or rope is moved back and forth in order to allow the button to fall on the door handle. By pulling the other end of the rope, you open the car door without a key and without causing damage.